Aiva + Kārlis wedding day

Patiess prieks bija būt kopā ar tik aktīvu pāri :))A&K-1sA&K-13sA&K-14sA&K-15s

A&K-371s A&K-376s A&K-383s A&K-389s A&K-397s A&K-416s A&K-418s A&K-427s A&K-461s A&K-464s A&K-485s A&K-497s A&K-510s A&K-571s A&K-573s A&K-581s A&K-590s A&K-594s A&K-597s A&K-608s A&K-619s A&K-624s A&K-631s A&K-658s A&K-667s A&K-697s A&K-704s A&K-724s A&K-754s  


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